What is YOUR Home care Routine Like?

What is YOUR Home care Routine Like?

With lots of skin care products out there in the market, it can be confusing to know what is right for you.  Of course, you should drop in and see us for your individual assessment, however, as a guide; there are a few products that you should absolutely have in your arsenal.

Cleanser – Whether you require a cream based cleanser or a gel based cleanser, it is up to the individual skin type. You should be cleansing your skin twice in the morning and twice at night.  Don’t forget to also use an eye make-up remover for the gentle skin surrounding your eyes.

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Exfoliant – This is a product that you only need to use twice a week, but is essential to reveal the fresh, healthy skin you have or want.  Environ uses alpha hydroxy acids in their exfoliants, so these products should only be used at night time and you need to ensure you are using a sunscreen daily.

Toner – A toner is essential for preparing your skin for your moisturiser.

Moisturiser – The strength of your moisturiser needs to be determined by what exposure you have had to Vitamin A.  If you have had little or no exposure, you should be starting from the beginning (AVST 1).  When you finish this level, you can increase your strength of Vitamin A & C with subsequent levels of moisturiser.

Eye Gel – The skin around the eye area is around 10% thinner than other parts of the skin.  A dehydrated eye area contributes to crow’s feet and dark circles.  A quality eye gel is important to stop moisture loss from this area.

Of course, there are more products that haven’t been mentioned here that are important to add into your routine.  However, ensuring that you have a good foundation to start from is imperative. If you would like to discuss your skin care needs, as well as the Environ range, please call me on (07) 3397 5153 for an appointment and skin assessment.

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