The Skinny On Your Skin

The Skinny On Your Skin

Q - I am 33 and still battle with breakouts and dehydration. What should I do?

A - Adult acne and dehydration are common complaints. Tackle each problem separately. Start a regime where the ingredients include vitamins (the key ingredient being Vitamin A) to normalise your skin. Cleansing is another key issue as people with combination skins often over-wash their face, causing the sebaceous glands to react by producing more oil. Light peels are excellent for treating acne breakouts.  For the best advice for your individual skin, call and make a booking.

Q - I have blackheads around my nose. I scrub regularly, but they persist. Can you suggest a treatment to help?

A - Scrubbing your skin is not going to relieve the problem and could even damage it. Blackheads are formed due to a build-up of sebum secreted from the sebaceous glands. You need to use an oil based pre-cleanser. Massage this product into your skin before cleansing at night, and over time your pores will become unplugged.

Q - When should I start using anti-wrinkle creams?

A - Our 30's signal the end of the free ride: the first signs of wrinkles appear, particularly around the eyes. This is a good time to start using repair products like eye creams and gels. Unless you detect visible sagging, it is too soon to be concerned with facial firming creams.

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