The Cause & Treatment of Acne

The Cause & Treatment of Acne

The Cause of Acne

An alteration in the nature of the sebum secreted so that it more easily thickens and hardens to form a plug that obstructs the sebaceous gland. Unfortunately, some people inherit more sebaceous glands than others. Hormone related chemistry induces changes in the sebum components Acne and comedones tend to occur in sun exposed areas and it is possible from Vitamin A depletion.

Vitamin A controls sebaceous gland activity and the quality of sebum secreted. A thickened horny layer is also instrumental in acne formation. Excessive exfoliation of the horny layer can lead to obstruction of the follicle.  The bacteria responsible for the degradation of the sebum are found on the skins of non acne people. This bacteria plays its role in the transformation of sebum into pus. These bacteria are controlled by the pH of the skin.

Skin pH is 4.5 – 6.5

The lower the pH the better the acid mantle and the fewer bacteria are found.

Treatment of Acne

Acne is not a dirty blood or dirty skin. Scrubbing it with harsh chemicals can exacerbate the condition. Treatment needs to focus on the cause. A Dermatologist can address the hormonal changes – Roaccutane or Contraceptive Pill which can then reduce the activity of the sebaceous gland and reduce the possibility of sebaceous gland obstruction.

We cannot change the underlying physiological condition – only the symptoms.  We can help dissolve the keratin-sebum plugs, reduce the acid mantle to the lower normal levels, and treat the infection.

Exposure to harsh UV rays needs to be reduced.

What Environ products can help with acne management?

The thickened horny layer can be treated with

  • Aquatrol or Sebutrol (vitally important to dissolve the sebum in the pores)
  • Cleansing Gel or Sebuwash (Cleanse)
  • Alpha Hydroxy Cream or Gel (Gentle exfoliation)
  • Alpha Toner Forte. (A strong toner to reduce the acid mantle to get further penetration of the vitamins) This can be watered down if it feels too strong. Best to use full strength.
  • C-Quence Toner – for skin immunity. Contains Witch-hazel (anti-oxidant), Matrixyl® (enhances production of collagen), Elastin, Niacinamide (vitamin B3 – reduces pigmentation, improves hydration, promotes skin renewal) and Transcutol (a penetrant enhancer).
  • AVST Gel or Creams (Moisturiser)
  • Retinol 1 or 2 (To treat stubborn skin conditions such as pigmentation, scarring, problematic skin and severe sun damage)

In Salon Treatments

  • Skin Peeling – Peeling will treat the infection and sterilize acne spots. Once the skin is under control, peeling can cease. The condition will often get worse before it gets better.

Do you think that you identify with an Acne Skin? Please call the salon on 07 3397 5153 and make an appointment. We can do a skin assessment, assess what you are using at present, and suggest a treatment plan to improve your skin.

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