The Best Eyebrows For You

The Best Eyebrows For You

This month we take a closer look at eyebrows.

Whether you have eyebrows that cause you pain or eyebrows that have great shape, you can always do more to enhance them.

So what is the perfect eyebrow? That is different for everyone. Your bone structure and how far apart your eyes are set are some factors that you need to take into consideration. As a basic guide, get yourself a skewer and place it next to your nose vertically so it comes up to your eyebrow line. All the hair on the inside of the skewer should be removed. If you have hair that has already been over plucked or waxed, later I will give you tips to fill them in.

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Next, get the skewer and angle it from your nose to the outside edge of your eye. If you have any hair on the outside of the skewer you can remove them too.

As for the shape, less is more. A subtle curve to highlight your bone structure is far more flattering than an over waxed eyebrow.

Now what if you don’t have much hair to begin with or you are in the process of growing out an over waxed eyebrow? I suggest tinting your eyebrows (and lashes – very sexy!) to give the illusion of more hair – fuller and thicker.

When you are applying make-up, applying an eyeshadow in a similar shade to your eyebrows is much more flattering than using a pencil, which can be harsh and overdone.

If you need your eyebrows and lashes expertly attended to, or you would like to discuss this article further, please make an appointment today on 07 3397 5153.

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