Sensitive Skins

Sensitive Skins

Sensitive Skins

Sensitive skins are made – not born.  Some reasons could be:

  • Environmental insults
  • Too much soap
  • Too many cosmetic products

Different signs and symptoms:

  • Tingling, tightening, discomfort without visible signs.
  • Easily reacts to products
  • Overreaction to external factors: shaving, stress, aesthetic procedures.
  • Diffuse redness, drying, recurrent irritation of the skin

Diffuse Redness

  • A specific concern for women aged 25-35 years marked by a physical discomfort.
  • These women define themselves as being skin sensitive, and more precisely as having fine, fragile and reactive skins.
  • Overreacting to everything (emotions, temperatures changes, food), they distinguish themselves by feeling uncomfortable socially and physically.
  • Almost 50 % of women aged 18-64 experience redness

If you identify with a sensitive skin, which Environ products should you use?

  • Aquatrol (Pre-Cleanse)
  • Cleansing Cream, Sebuwash (Cleanse)
  • AVST Gel, AVST cream, Antioxidant Gel (Moisturiser)
  • C Boost, C Quence gels, C Quence Crème (Intensive Treatment)
  • Hydrating Masque (Masque)
  • RAD, Alpha Day Lotion 15+ (Sun Protection)
  • C Quence Toner (Contains Vitamin B 3 – for skin immunity)


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