Saving Face Part 2

Saving Face Part 2

In "Saving Face" we addressed all the things you should do to assist your skin to look it's best.  In this month's blog, we will look at the lifestyle issues that can impact on your skin in a negative way - the things you should cut back on.

Sun Exposure - Young skin appears to repair well, so, apart from mild dehydration and peeling after sunburn, the aftereffects don't show until you reach your 40's, when you'll see dry skin, deep-seated wrinkles, age spots adn tiny blood vessels appearing across your cheeks, just under your skin. Strive to stay out of the sun between 10am and 3pm, and always wear proper sun protection.

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Stress - Energise your skin during times of stress and protect agains environmental aggressors with products that will boost the skin and alleviate signs of tirednss and aging. If your skin becomes sensitive under stress, look for products that will soothe your skin. Stress is a common trigger for skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores and blisters.

Alcohol - Alcohol is dehyrating and acidic. Red wine is probably the best choice as it contains potent antioxidants, like resveratrol. But wine also contains sulphte preservatives that can cause allergic reactions, so look for a preservative-free wine. If you have a skin condition like roseacea, eczema or psoriasis it's best to ditch alcohol altogether.

Smoking - Apart from the poisons found in the paper and tobacco itself, the skin is immediately exposed to excess free radicals. Smoking is one of the worst culprits in skin aging. It damages the collagen in our skin and causes premature wrinkles. Smokers with a history of heavy smoking are five times more likely to have wrinkles than non-smokers.

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