Kiss and Make-Up

Kiss and Make-Up

Tricks from the powder room that will save you time, money and face........

*  Apply foundation and compact powder to the eyelid before applying your eye shadow to ensure that it lasts longer.

*  Try using eyeliner on the inner rim of your upper eyelid - as you would on the lower lid - for quick, unforgettable eyes.

*  Keep eyebrows in place with a spritz of hairspray on an eyebrow comb and they style into place. For definition, brush the eyebrows, following the brow bone.

*  Brighten your eyes: line the inner rims with white eyeliner.

*  For lush lashes, apply mascara, then gently press loose powder on lashes with a cotton pad, creating a synthetic thickening fibre. Add another coat of mascara. The lashes will be fatter and longer.

*  Put your finger in your mouth, close your lips and withdraw your finger to prevent getting lipstick on your teeth.

*  Fill in your lips with a lipliner first when applying lipstick. This way the second coat of lipstick stays longer.

* Dab a bit of lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks and blend for instantly matching lip and cheek colour.

*  Banish a red, glowing blemish by soaking an earbud in anti-redness eye drops and pressing it gently against the spot for a minute. Use a concealer brush and dab a light layer of concealer over the blemish, blending it at the edges. Pat with translucent powder.

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