Have you started to notice your skin change as the weather gets cooler?

Have you started to notice your skin change as the weather gets cooler?

So what can you do about it?

Now is a great time to consider your skin care routine as well as your facial routine. Have you considered incorporating skin peeling facials into your routine?  Not sure if it will suit you?  Not sure what skin peeling is?

Peeling is a useful treatment for people with acne and for people with either rosacea or rough, sun-damaged skin.  Winter is an ideal time to treat clients who have rough skin whereas people with acne and those people with rosacea are able to be treated anytime.  As always, I am fanatical about sun protection! When you are peeling, this is even more important.

Read MoreIn winter, while there is a dramatic change in the UV-B irradiation, there is virtually no change in the UV-A irradiation – except that the days are shorter and so the total irradiation is less. However, on a sunny (or even a thinly clouded) winter day at midday, if you spend time out in the sun, then you are going to get just as much photodamage as in the summer, except that there will be no burning UV-B rays.

Generally, clients who have a fine skin are not advised to have a peel. I prefer to treat only people with rough, thickened horny layers. These are the people who have a chronic deficiency of vitamins A and C as well as the other antioxidants. The continual photo-damage to vitamin A deficient skin eventually leads to the thickened, rough photo-damaged skin that we all want to peel off to reveal a newer, younger skin beneath it! The rough appearance is entirely from the quality of the horny layer and the horny layer is the result of the chronic vitamin A deficiency.

I use peeling year round for people with acne. I advise very light and frequent peels. These will sterilise the skin and remove an excessively thickened horny layer that promotes acne.

As with all facial treatments you have, you need to have your home care routine in place to support the efforts in the salon.  Ensure you have the Environ products you need to assist with your skins condition.  Make an appointment today to discuss your individual circumstances on (07) 33975153.

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